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Androgyny: the result of unification


What is an Androgyne?
This is an issue that has been presented since time immemorial, although this name has not yet been understood.
About seven to eight thousand years ago, Shiva was already considered an Androgyne. In fact, the Whole is an Androgyne.
There have always been doubts as to the meaning of Androgyny, but the time has come to explain this concept. In fact, such understanding is urgent…
The purpose of this book is to clarify and explain what is, in reality, an Androgyne.
Throughout history this concept has been divinized. But in reality it is totally human and totally possible of happening. Intention is all it takes!
In the course of reading this book, it will be possible to recognize the Androgyne in each being. Knowing that the Whole is in each one of us is literally “going back home”.
Treading the path towards Androgyny is Enlightening oneself!

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Every emanated being is an Androgyne.

The ego resists accepting this, thus creating all sorts of problems.
This book will deeply stir up the current paradigm which, when understood, will be the solution of all the current problems of humanity.

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