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The Majestic Molar King – Edição em inglês

In this book, The Majestic Molar King, the author shows in a creative and playful way that certain behaviors and habits harmful to health can and should be rethought, emphasizing instructions that can be useful to both healthcare professionals and patients.
After all, dentistry is not only a field of high-task “operators” where patients open their mouths for treatment, it can also be also a place for patients to open their ears to receive educational guidance towards life quality, and through this profession this is what the author offers in her book.
Dentists should know that there is a relation between the chronology of tooth eruption and the child’s readiness to learn, read and write.
These relations have their value in today’s world and in this third issue are depicted in a playful way to expand knowledge that aims to help pediatric patients and raise parents’ awareness.

Forewrod by Célia Lupo.

Edição em inglês – apenas em e-book, clique nas velas da Amazon ou da Kobo.

Ilustrator: Ivan Coutinho

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“Once upon a time, in an enchanted and almost, almost invisible kingdom …
A beautiful baby tooth was born. He didn’t know at the time, but he would be considered a King. For he would be a great and important ruling tooth. The majestic Molar King had just been born.”

Translator: Carolina Garcia de Carvalho


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