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T.A.T. Therapy of Transcedent Joy: Exclusive to Women (Título em inglês)


This book show us a technique directed to women so that they can connect to something superior and gain momentum for a great leap that is the consciousness of joy and love, the source of the whole divine creation.
This technique consists of a simple 12-step system in which we use our hands as a tool and this will take us deep into the core of our being, awakening our aspects that have been repressed, wounded, restrained or was kept latent.
It can be applied to all women at any age, and the prerequisite for receiving or applying the technique is Being a Woman.
You are the ones who can truly change the world!

Translated by Carolina Garcia de Carvalho

Título em inglês

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A guide that will take you into a journey of learning how to play this instrument (called body). A frequency contained within your physical system, your unique frequency of happiness and joy. Our happiness reflects our true beauty, our true intelligence, the evolutionary path, propelling us to be a more up-to-date version of ourselves.
Your energetic body is similar to a musical instrument; what you are doing is learning to master that instrument. As you learn to play these notes well, your life and consciousness expand as a form of therapy, bringing help to the woman who seeks to transform and transcend mental and emotional patterns.

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