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Belly Dancing and the Shadow: discovering the shadow through belly dancing


I said: “What about my eyes?”
God responded: “Keep them on the road.”
I said: “What about my passion?”
God responded: “Keep it burning.”
I said: “What about my heart?”
God asked: “Tell me, what do you hold inside it?”
I answered: “Pain and sorrow…”
God said: “Keep them close. This wound is the place where the Light enters you”

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Nyla Nuray is the artistic name of dancer, Carla Silva, a secretary by profession. Her experience in a corporate career and personal observation of emotions and the body opened many doors for a closer analysis of human relationships, viewing dance as a possible way of improving ourselves to enhance the quality of such relationships.
In this book she will present belly dancing as a tool for self-discovery, an initiative to identify, welcome and develop the contents that are repressed in the unconscious oriented towards the entirety of the being.
She has studied belly dancing since 2008, by means of classes and workshops taught by the field’s renowned professionals. Continuously seeking, in other styles of dance and bodily practices, elements that enable improvements in self-discovery and refinement of your performances.
In her classes, aside from the technique, she assists her students in their path of individual comprehension through the movement and appreciation of the feminine.

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