The sexuality of the androgyne: transformation through integral sex – Título em inglês

Título em inglês

Androgynes. Ever heard of them? It seems like something out of this world, aliens, etc. But they are not. They exist and live among us. They are not LGBT. They are people who have transcended the opposites. People who have “within themselves” the two sexes, meaning the total balance between the feminine and the masculine, the two libidos. A balanced Yin and Yang, 50% each. Both sides are merged, unified. The unified Anima and Animus. They’re one level up. And, to avoid conjectures, androgynes are not effeminate men or masculinized women. They are physically normal men and women, different from those people with the physical traits of men and women who are, in fact, on the fashion catwalks around the world and are asked to model in both men’s and women’s clothes. They are not who I’m talking about.

50 pages, format 12.7 x 20.3 cm

Carolina Garcia de Carvalho (Translator)

Em Estoque
ISBN: 978-85-5538-159-1

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