The Clay and the Shadow: a path of healing through expression and nature – Título em Inglês

Título em Inglês

Expressive arts have always played an important role in the evolution of mankind. Since time immemorial man has sought to express himself through drawings and painting in caves, sculpture and tribal dances. Primitive man printed images that refer to his history, documented how they lived and recorded their subjective, social, religious aspects, among others. Contemporary man, with greater resources and skills, can also find in drawing, painting and sculpture tools for subjective expression: ways of understanding and explaining the world around him and the relentless search to tackle his existential questions.
In this work I refer to the expressive arts as the creative and genuine expression of a person or artist, who makes use of art materials: pencils, paints, clay, scraps etc; shaping, contouring and coloring, producing plastic images in which the aesthetic result is less important than the message that is transmitted by the image. I will not conceptualize Art, but instead highlight the personal and collective contents expressed through this powerful tool.

86 pages printed in 12.7 x 20.3 cm format. Colored book cover, with colored photos of the clay work.

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ISBN: 978-855538152-2

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